Friday, October 5, 2012

Creating maps in SQL Server Reporting Services

Thank you to everyone who attended my presentation on using spatial data in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) today! I hope that I was able to show everyone at least one thing that they will be able to use in their own reports in the future.

I have included a link below to my PowerPoint slide deck, a (SQL Server 2012) backup of the database, and the shapefiles that I used. The slides have notes that might be helpful, particularly the demo slides - I have included step by step instructions that you can use to walk through the demos again.

Presentation file downloads (zip file)

Please note that these are just the rough slide notes that I used for the presentation - I will post an updated version of the PowerPoint with a few more helpful links in the next day or two, so please check back.

Please e-mail me with any questions that you might have, and also please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you're on there.

Thank you!

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